Social Media & Collaboration

Social Media:

Our platforms are special to us as yours are to you. remember not to be a keyboard warrior and take down anyone for expressing their opinion. Remember something that you might not like someone else might, our our designers do follow our pages don't tear down their art work.


Our customers are super special and we like to help each and everyone out, and as a thanks we have special bonuses during our holiday times and offer them first collaboration.

Please don't contact us if you have never shopped in our store. As you do, we work very hard to provide for ourselves and staff members. Asking for free stuff is like coming to our house and asking for a free dinner when we have never met before!

Contact Us: is our best form of communication, however if its super urgent or you have a quick question message us via Facebook! We have a staff member manning our Facebook 24/7 unlike our email when in busy times can take unto 24 hours.

And please be kind to our inbox spamming the same email multiple times can cause major delay for you and for our other customers, so be kind and don't spam!